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With Sustainability

Empowering the Journey

We're building a conscious and sustainable structure, utilizing deep knowledge and experience. With the User Journey at the center, we deliver sustainability to a whole
eco-system in a changing world. 


Emotional Intelligence and specifically emotional engagement are at the source of our inspiration, while we're accumulating many years in the digital industry.  

As "emotional evangelists", our DNA, values and Culture are profoundly rooted into Social Impact, Network Effects, using business as a force for good.  Our structures are planned to methodically generate financial returns, scale along with measurable social impact.

It's not charity. It's better business, based on better practices and technology for people benefit.   

The Well-Being Eco-System model

Doing Good by doing Well

The path to Wellness 

One Journey at a time

W3 is a platform, a hub, a methodology and technology to reach exceptional user engagement and provide life time value.

Some of our Journeys are developed inhouse, many others are the result of empowering partnerships. It is a privilege to become a bridge for Social Entrepreneurs, Wellness VC's and Portfolio companies. 

All W3's journeys, are one-stop integrated solutions. Robust
SUPER Apps powered by our native system 
"The emotional  timeline".  

Our Story
Case study
Screenshot 2022-09-05 105558.png
צילום מסך 2022-03-07 ב-15.45.01.png
Screenshot 2022-09-05 103529.png

The Story of a Timeline

I experienced the power of the emotional timeline, when Intuitively, we implemented it in 40weeks - one of the first pregnancy platforms and mobile apps.   

We realized that even though pregnancy is a structured format, when digging into emotions, every week was so different from the previous one. Every morning, had its own set of physical and emotional inputs. Yes we were connected to sites, books, magazines, but nothing was targeted enough to the specific timing. There was nothing to do with general, irrelevant content from last month, last week, or even from yesterday. 

With the launch of 40weeks in Israel, UK, Canada and U.S, we experienced, we built The Emotional Timeline (EMT) A holistic approach, an effective content methodology and technology that today we're developing to serve as the core architecture for our WellTech ventures.


For users and communities, it bring exceptional value for short and long terms journeys. For brands and partners, it is a beautiful way to reach a community through contribution, cut marketing expenses and ineffective advertising while targeting the market on a precise timeline.

For corporates, It is the Employer Wellness Programs, becoming so significant for employee retention.

Screenshot 2022-09-05 103620.png
Screenshot 2022-08-04 164703_edited.png

40weeks - Case Study

Screenshot 2022-09-08 141811.png
Screenshot 2022-08-04 164927.png

Emotional Engagement Experts

Our team is made of experts. "Emotional Engagement" is our  DNA. We made it in Films, Ads, TV, Vod, Music, Web, Mobile Apps,
Online Learning, News. We learned, tested, and experienced thousands of pieces of content, analytics, call to actions.  

With an holistic approach, a deep rooted methodology, and significant international experience applying it to consumers and brands technology, we're privileged to offer the world, the best journey, transforming it to an amazing opportunity.

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