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The 1st LGBTQ

New Family Companion

We're building Better Family  as the safe, smart, holistic destination for LGBTQ individuals and couples preparing to expand their family with the conception of a baby.

For LGTB individuals and couples, the journey  towards a family, starts with choices to make,  critical decisions, medical, emotional, financial milestones.

The "emotional timeline" was created  to provide a complete support. Growing organically, scaling with the power of a community, smart and reliable, with professional experts, tools, daily content, and the most advanced technology  


Yes, we measure Impact.


  • Although LGBT marriage is now legal in many countries, the Journey towards the expansion of a family is a rollercoaster. 

  • Adoption, surrogacy, donor sperm, donor eggs, insemination, IVF, egg freezing and embryo freezing. The emotional journey is full of redundant obstacles: mental, medical, social, financial.

  • Pregnancy apps do not offer specialized elementary trustable information.

  • The LGBT community is a expanding market for advertisers and a huge eco-system is  targeting them.  

    It's time to turn the Pyramid, disrupt the market and provide millions of women and men, the smart path towards the expansion of their family.

Impact Kpi's

  • Increase significantly  the number of LGBT parents reaching the goal of having a baby

  • Provide access to mental support through the long Journey 

  • Reduce the cost of the expensive process with network effects, knowledge and the power of the community.


Becoming the digital home 

for millions 

It is an extraordinary opportunity to serve with our deep rooted methodology and technology "the emotional timeline" a new generation, deserving
the best 


of LGBT millenials are consideraring expanding their family 3.8 million (u.s only)


of LGBT individuals and couples, actively started their journey towards the expansion of their family.
2.9 million (u.s only)


of LGBT people, expect to use reproductive technology, foster care or adoption to become parents

It's about 

the revolution

Although the number of LGBT Milllenials (18-35) who plan to expand their family are growing dramatically, and the echo-system is crowded with commercial players targeting the new consumers, there is

no trustable digital destination for the LGTB community.

Screenshot 2022-08-17 114049.png
Screenshot 2022-08-17 114034.png
Screenshot 2022-08-17 113522.png

We cover
the Journey

Engagement is made 

with Love

Power features

Personalized dynamic feed 

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Content Stream
Integration on Emotional Timeline

Content contributors, RSS feeds,
Video channels under a transparent policy, prioritizing the members,
friends and families, empowering the journey as an authentic,
trustable destination.

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Journey features & experiences 

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Screenshot 2022-08-18 162750.png
Screenshot 2022-08-18 162804.png
Screenshot 2022-08-18 024519.png
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40Weeks - A Successful case study

Screenshot 2022-08-18 190711.png

A Life Time Mission

We're so proud to be there, as a trustable companion with one mission as a priority:
help our user trace a safe, healthy and beautiful journey to welcome a new baby.


Our team is made of experts. "Emotional Engagement" is our  DNA. We made it in Films, Ads, TV, Vod, Music, Web, Mobile Apps,
-learning, News. We learned, tested, and experienced thousands of pieces of content, analytics, call to actions.  

With an holistic approach, a deep rooted methodology, and significant international experience applying it to consumers and brands technology, we're privileged to offer the world, the best journey, transforming it to an amazing opportunity.

Emotional Engagement Experts

Follow your emotions

We cover the Journey

Screenshot 2022-08-03 194748.png

From pregnancy to complimentary medicine and mental health, from new learning practices, self development to music and art.

W3 is designed to offer a durable, deep rooted, personalized

experience to users, an empowering space for communities and amazing ROI to International experts, professional partners and brands.

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Screenshot 2022-08-17 113522.png


Impact, Business

  • Partners

  • Brands

  • Investors

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Contributors

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