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Impact and Profit
As complementary forces

W3 is a deep dive into Commercial Success and Impact. We believe in positive correlation between financial and impact performance, when the business is structured accordingly and concsiously. 

The Exploding Wellbeing Market

"The shift of Wellness to digital channels is happening at the speed of a decade in days.”
(McKinsey Insights)

In recent years, more people around the world have begun to recognize the importance of wellness – a trend which has seen the value of the industry increase year-on-year.
Wellness is about making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining one’s wellbeing both physically and mentally.


The Global Digital Wellness
Market size.  Expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.8% and reach
$220B by 2026

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Wellness Business feels Good.

Impact & Business at global scale feels RIGHT

In the last decade, Impact investments attracted more and more investors. The 2020 Annual Investor Survey conducted by GIIN estimates the market size of impact investments at $715 billion.


of high net-worth millennials are actively reviewing the ESG impact of their investment holdings.


of millennial investors were interested in sustainable investing as of 2021


of millennial investors have stopped investing or declined to invest in a company because of the impact that its products or services have on people health and well being,


wealth transferred from baby boomers to 75 million millennials to tailor their spending and investments to their values.

The Stream
of your Journey

Moving at light speed

With a new Generation


Engage in wellbeing practices more now than before the pandemic.
A holistic approach to wellbeing, from time management to physical health to personal relations.


Engage in wellbeing Listed mental wellbeing as one of their top wellbeing values.
Mental wellbeing is top of mind —literally.


Prefer some sort of in-person experience regarding their health, ones that blend the offline and online experience.  Quality of care isn’t about concierge services, it’s about nurturing relationships

Now more than ever, for the 20-30 year-olds, wellness and wellbeing are top of mind for this age group, and their focus is rapidly moving towards digital. 

Trust plays a huge role in Gen Z’s identity. Be authentic and transparent in every aspect possible because they’re paying attention, they’ll notice, and they'll make their choice.

Source: The Linus Group : GenZ the future of Health
Mckinsey : GEN Z Communihollic 



Our Mission.  Our Value Proposition.  


Follow your emotions

We cover the Journey




Lifetime value

As business & Purpose


A Wellness Market

With People 
at 1st place

A Companion that provides 


Screenshot 2022-08-04 164605.png
Screenshot 2022-08-04 164605.png

The learning, with it's innovative forms, is a central piece of every Journey.


ENSPIRE is the future of online courses, professionally made, authentic, efficient, real stories. 
ENSPIRERS are our teachers and mentors. The most Inspiring guides to accompany the Journeys.

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Emotion. Education. Inspiration

We share 50-70%

Of our Revenues with Enspirers

Choose your Investment Journey

The W3 Group


Your favorite Portfolio Journey

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Network Orchestrators

As a platform created to  empower people through communities, W3  is naturally allowing, and intentionally nurturing positive network effects.

We see our mission as network orchestrators, while we provide the assets, formats and features to a growing eco-system. 

Our Journeys are placed on system, with rules that reflect a social impact approach.
On one side users and their families, explorers on their life journeys. On the other, Experts, Mentors, "Enspirers" contributing and expanding on the wellness marketplace.


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