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The first and second waves of digital revolution, brought amazing  opportunities, but also intrusive technology, insecurity, and through social digital powers, and financial interests, increasing loneliness.

The 3rd Wave comes with a Mission. To provide safe digital spaces, led by humans. and their emotions. We're answering the call of the new generations, to prioritize authenticity, values, social impact,, wellness, awareness. We're adding emotional to technical, Inspiration, Education, and a Culture to support people within supportive communities,  Individually, in circles and groups, in digital, virtual and in reality. Making every Journey, a lifetime opportunity.

1. Mission

ENSPIRE's mission is to help people on their emotional Journeys through Wellness. 

  • We are building a structure, combining technology for good, with respect to the human kind and profit generation to our stakeholders.  
  • We believe in the correlation between impact and business, and the creation of durable wealth. for our teams, partners, community. We call it Sustainability. 
  • eNSPIRE is committed to using our business to work toward a more inclusive and sustainable economy, under public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

2. Our Values

The preservation of our Values will keep us free, to spread the good, create impact, and keep ourselves happy and Inspired.

At ENSPIRE we Value: 

I.  Empathy

2. Authenticity
3. Vulnerability
4. Creativity

5. Self-Awareness  

6. Boldness 

7. Competency 

8. Transparency

    Our People's MINDSET:

  1. Always Listen & Learn

  2. Believe before react 

  3. Act as owners

  4. Act with purpose

  5. Courage beyond fear

  6. See the big picture

  7. Research and get prepared

  8. Pull wagon not the Ego

  9. Move The Line

  10. Invent the future

"I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots." 
Albert Einstein

3. Community Culture

Empower our communities culture to improve social cohesion and reduce social isolation.

  • We are committed to create a safe space for all our users and members.

  • The main emotional characteristics of every Journey will always be identified, and protected. 

  • Local diversity will always be celebrated. W3 will ensure  equitable, accessible welcoming for all.

  • People feel safer and comfortable to participate more fully on all journeys interactive activities at all times of day.

4. Conscious Business

It's not charity. It's better business, based on "better practices" further from extra credit and closer to universal compliance.

  • Whether it’s the colleagues who work for us, partners, or the people we serve, we are committed to act as a conscious business. 

  • No matter our expansion, we will always do our best to make people feel dignified and purposeful. 

  • Our definition of success, includes commonwealth and positive impact as necessary for a sustainable consumerism.

“COVID has shaken our beliefs and our preconceptions and misconceptions so much that there is an opportunity now to open our minds to these new ways of thinking
Sir Ronald Cohen 
sir ronald cohen_edited.png

5. Impact & Profit

We’re part of a global movement of for-profit businesses building an inclusive and sustainable economy with people in priority.

  • Capitalism as reflected in digital economy, has created tremendous wealth, but the rewards are not shared broadly enough. Not only that talented, content creators, are left behind, they are also pushed to participate, in a non-balanced marketplace, while they invest money and time, with no possible positive results. 

  • ENSPIRE will provide the technology, tools and resources that help people and the Wellness eco-system, make Emotional Journeys lifetime opportunities. 

  • ENSPIRE will improve lives through the dimension of Wellness. ​W3 is engaged in providing emotional Intelligence and human approach, beyond technology.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in Wellness Journeys, but also a crucial element of content developement, learning and marketing

  • Emotions, were drowned under the first and second waves of the digital revolution. Exploited by politicians, commercial advertising and technologies, badly used. 
  • No matter how much technology we will use, we see our responsibility in bringing back EMOTION, in all it variety, and use our knowledge for the connection of humans and not for manipulation.
"Capitalism is the best economic system for wealth creation.  But if not tamed, can and has chewed up a lot of lives, We need to re-imagine it, remake it, in our own image and the image of the new generation,”
It isn't immoral, it's amoral. It's a wild beast that needs to be led" 
Screenshot 2022-10-02 120210_edited.png

7. Awareness   

We see self-awareness, as the fundamental building block of our organization. It is part of our DNA.


We implement, practice, and live by the concepts and models that we communicate through our work.
Self-Awareness is worth the investment. 


  • Sharing distinctions, processes, models. 

  • More effective and aligned communication.

  • Improved decision making.

  • Clear purpose and direction.

  • Stronger relationships.

  • Optimistic attitude

  • Improved Performance with less Effort.

ENSPIRE will offer self-awareness, and EI training, as part of the skills development plan. 

ENSPIRE Management, is committed to Self-Awareness, and as a general supporting frame-work, will facilitate "Mastermind Groups' and self development plans.

8. Value for Money   

We are committed, to create Profits to our Stakeholders, and leverage our business and social impact at global scale.


  • Like other Conscious Businesses, we look at the banking system with awareness, knowing that great alternatives are already present and in development, to bring our partners and us more freedom, and choice.

  • We will encourage, our staff, to take benefit, of our infrastructure, develop their skills and revenue streams.

  • We trust each other to find the best, conscious, professional ways to merge impact and business, create the incentives, and expand business for good streams. 

9. A fair MarketPlace

We have the responsibility to create a bridge between Inspiring Mentors, Experts, Teachers
and their audience for the benefit of all. 

  • The  Central Place, is designed to fix a symptom of a bad digital economy, where the most experienced mentors, teachers, "Enspirers",  do not have access to their audience, and our communities cannot benefit from their experience and Inspiration. 

  • We're here to fix the status of creators, self employed, innovators, small businesses.

  • For us, one of the best ways to unlock Enspirers financial potential is to find their Inspiring Contribution, withing people's Journey's and transform it, with our skills, knowledge and technologies, to sustainable assets. 

  • These models of online courses sites and other platforms, are keeping the majority of their contributors in survival mode, and the people, restrained to consume the content.

  • We love it, when people can share their gift, and improve
    their life. 


  • With a clear and transparent model, we share 50%-80& of our  Central Place revenues with "Enspirers", allowing them to create multiple revenue streams, grow their audience, while they provide significant value to the Journeys of millions of people.

10. Data & Privacy Protection

We attach particular importance to the confidentiality and security of  our users.


  • We are committed to providing with effective, personalized services while respecting privacy and personal choices.

  • ENSPIRE  will not sell user data to third parties.

  • We will defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use our service.

  • ENSPIRE terms of use and privacy policies will be clear, fair, and transparent. 

  • A full Data Privacy & Protection Charter will be published independently. 

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