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מלוות, תומכים בתהליכים רגשיים
פרפרים, מעגלים
יש מקום להגשים
שליחות חיים

  • מטפלות ומטפלים בתחומי הפסיכולוגיה

  • מטפלות ומפטלים בתחומי הפסיכותרפיה

  • יוצרות ויוצרים בתחומי האומנות השונים

  • מלוות רוחניות 

  • מלוות, מאמנים בעולם הרגש

  • יזמיות ויזמים חברתיים 

  • מורות ומורים בתחומי האומנות, היצירה, הרוח, פיתוח המודעות

מנוסות, מחוברים, 
למסעות רגשיים והעצמת נשים

eNSPIRE Desktop DESIGNS (5).gif

מלוות, תומכים בתהליכים רגשיים
פרפרים, מעגלים
יש מקום להגשים
שליחות חיים

ENS DECK - 16.03.23 (11).png
Come as YOU ARE

אנחנו אוהבים אנשים אותנטיים, שבאים עם שליחות, מקצוענות ותשוקה.   על מנת לשרת מחפשים לבנות תרבות איפה, יש מקום לדמיון, יצירה וביצוע מדהים.
ההשפעה של eNSPIRE נמצאת בקורלציה ישירה לאיכות המדריכים, המורים, ה-eNSPIRE שלנו. החופש הכלכלי שלהם, ההתרחבות שלהם היא הצלחתנו כקהילה, ככפר.

African-American woman working on MacBook Pro in the living room_eNSPIRE = DESIGNS (4).png

We wanna
that talented, experienced and inspiring experts, music teachers, artists, therapists, will be evaluated and compensated on their contribution to society, their talent, their inspiration, and not by their digital marketing skills or budgets.


We all have around us, extraordinary people, that have a gift, a special contribution, that could help, influence, improve or change the life of people, with the support of technology. For them, for us, the web was meant to be an extraordinary opportunity.


We're building a bridge over the broken digital economy to let inspiring experts share their gift and  improve their life.

This is NOT the regular marketplace 
where we make money from the supply side.. teachers, artists or care givers. That's how we're just missing the most talented people that are here to inspire, create and support us.


We're developing the space, the technology to empower the most inspiring emotional supporters in our community. The eMotional Timeline Technology.


Holistic is not a slogan.
It's the right to choose.

While each of us is experiencing multiple emotional challenges every day, the right blend of therapists, counselors, care-givers, friends is making the difference.


We believe that people deserve the choice, among the incredible selection of inspiring experts, therapists and emotional companions - the eNSPIRERS. 

Woman using MacBook Air on the chair_eNSPIRE = DESIGNS (3).png


Join a new generation
leveraging business with Impact and vice vesra.
Tech for Good, blending emotional intelligence, content, data, mac
hine learning.  Optimizing network effects, engagement, contribution, collaboration. is there something more exciting than that?

We’re part of a global movement of for-profit ventures, merging business & Impact for people benefit, in a new digital economy.

ESP -  EMOTech.png

Feel and share emotions with others leads to feelings of freedom, autonomous living and adaptive coping strategy with life. Sharing emotions increases our physical and mental well-being. It helps us understand how and why you feel as well as how to handle your emotions more effectively in the future.

ENSPIRE is based on science, on empirical studies in the field of emotion and emotional intelligence. And take it one step further. to the areas that are most important to us. A Methodology that can serve immidietly our Well-Being.

A platform to power Inspiring & Emotional therapists, teachers, social entrepreneurs. Our guides, the "ENSPIRERS"


With solutions for Businesses, providing efficient tools for decision making, group management, employee wellness.

A Technology for Good to support us on the most life's journey challenges. for the benefit of the people.

The Power of
Emotion Technology

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