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W3 WellTech Group

Our society has taken a turn.
People are more
focused on their wellbeing than ever before.
Being happy and healthy has evolved into a top priority. We're talking about emotional journeys.

WellTech has now become  streamlined for user convenience, and offers an effortless integration into our livelihood. Advancing technologies have laid the foundation for more sophisticated and intricate systems led by amazing entrepreneurs.  Often, they are missing content, structure, engagement. 

At W3, we have the know-how, the passion, the plans and strong competitive advantages. We're so happy to be in a position, to build a portfolio, when each company on our platform, has a global impact mission, and the potential of a Unicorn. 

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W3's journeys, are robust SUPER Apps powered by
The Emotional  Timeline,  our native methodology and technology. 


  • Growing well-being
    & e-learning markets

  • Sustainability in a new economy

  • Measurable Social Impact 

  • International Scale 

  • Rooted Network Effects 

  • Global Scale Strategy

  • Smart investment in WellTech

  • Produce quantifiable social benefits alongside economic profit.

  • Choose to join W3 Group, specific ventures or selected projects

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We cover the Journey

Follow your Emotions

  • VC's / Portfolio companies​

  • Smart selection for new investments

  • Powering portfolio companies with Emotional Timeline & Content

  • Scale Investments with Journeys and Innovative business models

  • Partners in all our WellTech Ventures

  • Pre-Sales Revenues

  • LifeTime Engagement

  • Long term Impact alongside Profits

Exploding Market

Well-Tech market set to record exponential growth 2022-2030

Tech & Emotion. Our Notion

Advanced Technology combined with unique application of Emotional  Intelligence, powered by Data,  tested methodology &  deep rooted experience. 

Impact & Profit

Double Impact standards provide significant advantages & mitigate risk by building good governance and culture

Team & Culture

Experienced senior team of experts  digital, product dev, emotional / ed-tech, video content. Ann experience combined with the will to serve and do good. 

 Strong network effects

Users,  families, contributors, partners, enspirers. We built a system that brings durability, defensibility and sustainability to a well a powerful eco-system, in an organized new digital economy. 


We're believe in sustainable business structures, and obsessed with real value for our customers, partners and stakeholders.  We're here to meet KPI's,  Impact and Profit,  Engagement and Life Time Value.


Advanced Technology combined with unique application of Emotional  Intelligence, powered by Data,  tested methodology &  deep rooted experience. 


The third wave, is all about wellness, emotional content, human2human, self-awareness. and that's we do.

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We are using SAFE

A simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) is a financing contract that may be used by a startup company to raise capital in its seed financing rounds. The instrument is viewed by some as a more founder-friendly alternative to convertible notes.

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