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The Power of
EMOTION Technology


Feel and share emotions with others leads to feelings of freedom, autonomous living and adaptive coping strategy with life. Sharing emotions increases our physical and mental well-being. It helps us understand how and why you feel as well as how to handle your emotions more effectively in the future.

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Based on science, on empirical studies in the field of emotion and emotional intelligence. And take it one step further. to the areas that are most important to us. A Methodology that can serve immidietly our Well-Being.

A platform to power Inspiring & Emotional therapists, teachers, social entrepreneurs. Our guides, the "ENSPIRERS" With solutions for Businesses, providing efficient tools for decision making, group management, employee wellness.

A Technology for Good to support us on the most life's journey challenges. for the benefit of the people.




  • Data Driven
    AI & MLR enabled 

  • User Adaptation

  • Predictive Action Oriented 

  • Connected Care

  • Contextual & Relevant Content

  • Omnichannel


  • User protection as first priority

  • Clean of Ads

  • Protected Data. Will never shared  with 3rd parties

  • Safe community rules & Culture

  • Content monitoring


  • Updated tailored feed

  • Favorite Experts

  • Teams & Groups

  • Teachers & Mentors

  • Location based service

  • Online & Offline Events


  • Emotional Data Learning

  • Localized video content

  • time-lined educational

  • Moderated user generated content

  • High quality localized video content

  • time-lined educational doco-courses

  • Moderated user generated content

  • Music Clips, Doco's and Engaging Content Formats


When we hear the mobile industry talking about "Intelligent Apps",  we say yes BUT...  Intelligence cannot remain artificial only. Emotional and Human aspects are the essential drives we're looking at. 


Our Smart Apps, use real-time and historical data from different user interactions and various other sources to make suggestions and predictions. We're totally in for adaptive and personalized user experience, as long as AI is for people benefit.  Our Super Journeys are made as one stop solutions persanal companions.

From virtual  and augmented reality to Merged Reality, the coming wellness metaverse is an amazing opportunity to for smarter interactive journeys, while we keep a significant mission: keep it human with Emotion.

In Merged Reality

The natural expansion of the Journey


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