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You trustable partner...

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Giving Power
to the Parents

We're a Social Impact Venture.
Not a charity, but a business for Good, with content, tech and a business model that puts the parents in the center, over commercial interests. 

People, couples, future and new families deserve a  digital destination where transparency is key, trust is a priority, content is relevant and personalized and the power is given to the community. 

As parents, we know how exciting it is to embark on this amazing journey of parenthood, and how overwhelming and confusing it is, when critical decisions are
to be taken. 


We believe that our digital space, should reflect the values of our generation, when technology serves people, in all their varieties, their well-being, their creativity, the way they meet, consult, evolve.

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We're here
to make a difference 


  • Localized & Personalized 

  • Unique 3D animation and Video Content

  • Clean from Ads and promotions

  • Medical & Complimentary Health Experts 

  • Contribution of valuable content is the only way for market players to standout

  • Monitored authentic user
    generated content


  • Smart Timeline technology enabling a personalized experience 

  • Dynamic Platform with updated tools, content stream, video channels, local offers

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